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= Hillary Dream =

Hillary & Bernie Dream Stronger Than Ever

She Won The Election in 2016. No matter how the corporate-republicans and the other prostitutes of Corporate USA stand on their heads and lie and yell and prevaricate, the fact is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016.

The Message Got Through. More and more people in the United States are beginning to realize how deeply wrong is the laissez-faire capitalist system that runs the USA. If you know nothing about history, then you won't understand that a republic and a democracy are not necessarily the same thing; we have a republic (like the corrupt, violent republics of Renaissance Italy) but our democracy is ephemeral. Why? Because our elections increasingly are stolen (while the Arch-Thief Mitch McConnell gloats from ear to ear). The popular vote means nothing (Al Gore won in 2000; Hillary won in 2016). And of course you think this is really great, because the more brutal and corrupt your leader, the more of an orgasm you have thinking about how he is going to smite those you hate. If you became any smaller, you'd be a microbe. Lots of Russians wanted Stalin back when democracy briefly reared its head; then Dictator Putin (Stalin II) seized power from and with his corrupt mafyas, and he has a 90% approval rating from a totally desperate, often starving, brainwashed population. We're getting there if you keep supporting our worst enemies, the corporate-republicans. Welcome to history. The Framing Fathers in 1787 did all they could to give us an effective, strong Constitution to hold back the evils of the powerful out of control, but they are doing a great job of convincing you to be yuge and vote for the Health Denial Industry that steals $1 Trillion a year from our economy and leaves you dead.

Our U.S. system is extremely corrupt, and getting even worse as ownership shifts from U.S. zillionares to foreign zillionaires in China, India, Europe, and elsewhere. Did you know, bozo, while you hate Mexicans, that the wealthiest man in the world in recent years has been a Mexican? Yes, Carlos Slim Helu probably owns your telephone while you're talking on it with your fellow Ku Klux Klan idiots. Get real.

Another Stolen Election. For the second time in a generation, Corporate USA stole a national election and put their incompetent, ridiculous stooge in the White House (W or Mr. Cocaine in 2000, and Donald Dump or Words Do Not Suffice in 2016). Why? To stop us from having universal health care, a common sense human right that every other industrialized nation already long ago has. Universal Health Care is far cheaper, more effective, and better in every way than our criminal corporate holocaust (Health Denial Industry, laughingly called "health insurance").

Don't Feel Bad, Just Get Smart. I admit it: I was a fool for twelve years (1980-1992). I voted for the horrific Ronald Reagan twice and Bush 41 once before I woke up. Time for you to wake up too if you ever voted corporate-republican in your life. Unless you are one of those totally brain-dead trolls who love brutality, lies, and basically a Stalinist regime owned by zillionaires. I admit it. I didn't get it. Ronald Reagan was a teflon monster, and I'm going to explain in these pages why (hint: he destroyed our savings and loan industry, which did more than anything else to destroy the middle class). He did a lot of other terrible things.

Benghazi anyone? Let me tell you about Beirut 1983 (Reagan's super fail) and 9/11 (W's super fail). Then we'll begin to see how the tragedy of Benghazi was turned into a phony campaign issue (absolutely worthless once you see the truth) by corrupt, venal corporate-republicans. Once it starts unraveling, you cannot stop finding lies, corruption, and filth throughout the corporate-republican camp.

End the U.S. Brainwash. Our Hillary dream for universal health care and other progressive issues is stronger than ever. Hillary and Bernie were basically preaching the same truths but in slightly different tones. Universal healthcare is the only form that makes sense, already proven in over 100 industrialized nations around the world. It's better than our barbaric system. Humane, civilized health care works better than this corporate murder mafia we choose to endure because we don't know any better, and the corporate media never quite tell us the truth we need to know.

It's time to tell the truth and save lives. Corporate health denial murders over 45,000 U.S. citizens a year, and bankrupts millions of hard-working families, not to mention the millions of infants, children, men, and women it maims for life. That's so the oligarchs can laugh all the way to the bank, claiming it's the will of Jesus and gullible victims will fall in line toward the slaughterhouse. Once you wake up and realize the corporate-republicans are a sham and a horrific lie, you'll never again buy their propaganda about why you and your loved ones should die so that billionaires can have bigger yachts and laugh at your suffering. Wake up!


We Love Hillary

our hillary dream for universal health care and other progressive Bernie issues is stronger than ever because it's the only thing that makes sense and the rest of the industrialized world is already there - it works

So, Trumpsters: Why The Hate? This woman would have done more for us than any president since FDR. Why did millions of U.S. citizens fear and hate her but were unable to explain why? I'll tell you: BRAINWASHING by the Health Denial Industry that has been sliming her for 25 years out of sheer terror that Hillary would bring us civilized Universal Health Care and end our suffering. READ MORE FOR YOUR LIFE AND THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN. You owe it to yourself to finally learn, understand, and face the truth. Donald Trump, the mentally ill corporate-republican, is living proof of the depravity and lies of Fox News, Mitch McConnell, and the entire alt-right fake news of the corporate-republican party.

How much more ridiculous does it have to get before you wake up and stop being a fool? Let's vote every last corporate-republican out of office. Once you understand how they are the bought and sold prostitutes for the Health Denial Industry, which murders 45,000+ U.S. citizens a year plus more crimes, you'll never look at a Scalia or a Paul Ryan again without feeling a sense of rage and loss at having your family mugged by these criminals.

Ongoing U.S. Holocaust. The Health Denial Industry in the U.S. steals $1 Trillion a year from our economy while murdering over 45,000 citizens a year. They also bankrupt millions of families in medical emergency situations that cannot happen in any other industrialized nation. Nowhere else do you have to live your life in terror that you will become seriously ill (33% get cancer in their lifetime, for starters; not to mention other diseases and serious injuries). If you have a medical emergency, the Health Denial Industry takes away your house, your life's savings, your pension, and any other assets you may have. Then they leave you to die when there is no further profit to be squeezed out of you. See my growing info in these pages (in development).